Essex Convalescent Home

My honorary Auntie Frankie ran Essex Convalescent home in the 1930's and my father and uncle stayed there, possibly for a Easter holiday. The letter they wrote home from there can be seen at

Wethersfield Manor

Houston texas
My dad was stationed at the air base and we lived in Wethersfield Manor for a few months in 1965. It was huge, beautiful and frequently very cold. I would love some photos of the Manor as we moved to Braintree shortly thereafter and the house we lived in burnt along with all photos we had up until that point

My Biography

I have recently written my Biography charting my early years. Some of this time was spent in The Village. My book is called "Ice Cream on Thursdays". This title comes from the treat we were allowed on Thursdays which was Ice Cream for tea. I want everyone to know the years I spent in Cambridge Cottage were the happiest times for me. Matron Tombs and Nurse Yellowly were the kindest people I knew at that time and until I grew up and married my time in The Village were my best memories. If you get the chance to read my book I hope it evokes memories which are good and positive. Please feel free to email me if you would like to share your time in The Village. I was there from 1954 - 1957.

Streets a round Clapton way

Gold coast Australia
I grew up in Clapton way mid 1940.s to 1960.s and cannot find any photos of the wonderful streets that were there prior to The Nightingale estate was built and all the streets facing the Hackney downs, right through to Kenninghall Rd.the roads demolished started from the island , ottaway St Rendelsham rd, Clapton Way,Rogate rd , Midhurst Rd Oakfield rd To Nightingale rd, canyou tell me if there are any ohotos in the Archives, regards David 14;4/2016.

Fairlop rd Leytonstone

34Clearlake ave Toronto Ontario Canada
I used to live at 56 Fairlop rd with my parents and my sister from the 50's and 60'sat which time I worked for London Transport as a bus driver out of Leyton garage most of the time on route 38 to Victoria Station but on a Sunday I did the 236 route from Hainault rd to finsbury Park on a cold Winter day as we turned on to Fairlop one Sunday morning we saw a lady waiting at the request stop holding 2 cups of tea it was good old mum with a nice cupper for me and my conductor. I left England in 1967 and now own a motor coach business in Canada we send our coaches on tours across North America. But I will never forget that day .my parents have passed on now and I am in my senior years now, I grew up in Leytonstone and they were some of the best years of my life. P.A.V. Cullingford

my childhood in barking park

Clacton on sea
My parents.lived in an x army hut in barking park for 10 years after the war ended I was born in 1949 in hut no 3 barking park and lived there until I was 7 years old we had a wonderful childhood with all the ather families

Middlesex Hospital.

New South Wales
My Aunt Ivy Winifred Archer was a long term patient at Middlesex Hospital during the first half of the 20th Century. She had a very excrutiationally painful problem with her leg which seemed to become worse whenever any doctors treated her.

Snaresbrook Crossing E-0618

The Snaresbrook Level crossing is on Eagle Lane. Pic taken from the crossing, could see the 3 pillars that were at No.27 Eagle lane from when it was a mansion. Although pillars were removed around 2005.

my family

forest lane stratford london
My grandparents were John and Elizabeth Thompson who once lived at 10, forest lane, stratford, My dad was their son Charlie, I use to stay with my grandparents as various times. I remember the coal man delivering the coal on a cart drawn by 2 shire horses. The coalman would open a hole by the front door and shoot the coal down through to the cellar. I lost contact with my dads family in 1962 when we moved away from London. I very often think about my family and would like to know what happened to them.

Place of birth

I was born at 44 Leonards Road, at the age of one we moved to 289 Harrow Road, from here I attended Trumpington Road School in 1936. My father was a Postman at Forest Gate general Post Office Upton lane, untill the outbreak of WW2, at this time we lived in Rayleigh.

bakery in clavering 1968

chelsea london
my uncle had a bakery in clavering his name was wiliam betts next to fox and hounds i was his roundsman he lived in Langley Vicarage from 1948 until mid 60s two of his customers were rooks farm before the hussien brothers took over the other was moat farm seen of infamous murder the owner showed me wear body was found i have tried to see what it looks like today but cannot recognise it

Palace Theatre

coppermill lane walthamstow
during the early 1950's my parents took my sister and I regularly to this theatre to see variety acts and pantomines. During the school holidays we would go by ourselves t see pantomines abd we would then sit in the cheap seats in the gallery. one time our parents took us to see a variety show but they mistook the billing, instead we had to sit through a nude show which we and our parents found embarassing. I have great memories of the theatre and it must have been a fool who had it demolished if only for the historic architecture it should be still standing.

Forest :Lodge

Lambourne End
I have lived in in Forest Lodge for about 25 years. The previous owner lived there 35 years! It was supposedly owned by Lord Lambourne as part of his estate and was given to his housekeeper at the time of her wedding. Local people here know it as Taylors.

years gone by

Loughton, Essex
Our mum and dad used to take my sister and me to Grange Farm through the fields to arrive at this most wonderful place, it had everything there for us - oh those days and we were so happy...


My grandfather Herbert Woodward (1891-1960) was a tram driver in Liverpool in the early 1930's. He use to pick up my father and his sisters and brothers in Upper Parliament Street and take them to the other end of the park near Penny Lane. My dad lived in No.13 Parliament Place. My great grandparents lived in 42 Webb street

The old library

St James Northampton
The picture I have just seen is of the old library above the bank in Jimmy's End. When I was a child living in Wimbledon Street in the 1950s, I would change my books there every week. any overdue book would cost me two old pence( my weekly pocket money.

Nuclear Physicist: from Bow to Yale University

Professor Emeritus and Former Master, Trumbull College, Yale University, USAty
I lived at 110 Tredegar Rd, Bow, E3 from 1930 until the outbreak of The War in September, 1939 when my brother George and I were evacuated to the relative safety of Somerset. My father was a master baker, and my mother ran our shop. I attended the Malmesbury Rd. School, not far from our home. I remember representing the school at an athletics meeting at the Victoria Park cinder track just before the war. Now, the Olympics will be held in the summer of 2012 within crowd-sound of my former home! In 1942, I passed the scholarship and attended the Coopers' Company's School, then in Frome, Somerset. After the war, I returned to my new home in Edgar Rd. Bromley-by-Bow; my mum and dad had moved to a new shop there in 1940. I attended Coopers until 1949. During my last year, I was the Captain of the School. In 1949, I was drafted into the RAF and served as an Air Wireless Mechanic . After my service. I became an Assistant Experimental Officer at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harweil. I obtained my London B.Sc, as a part-time student at the Oxford Polytechnic. I eventually became a Principal Scientific Officer, and was offered a research position at Yale University in the USA. I obtained my M. Sc and Ph. D. degrees as an external student of the University of London, eventually, I became Professor of Physics and Master of Trumbull College at Yale. My sister colleges were St. Catharine's at Cambridge, and Magdalene at Oxford. I recently came across the wonderful selection of your old photos of Bow scenes; my childhood memories came flooding back. The recent photos of Bow belong to a different world from the one that I knew as a boy. I should mention that my wife of 60 years, Pamela, was a student at the Coborn School for Girls in Bow Rd. We met at a dancing class that was held to bring together the boys of Coopers and the girls of Coborn. It was a successful social gathering! Our schools are now united, and have moved to Romford, a sad loss for the East End.


Roman road Bow
My mother took me in the pram to watch the Queen go down Roman Road after her coronation. I went to Roman Road school and lived in Ordell Road. My cousin's grandmother owned the cafe in Ordell Road and my father worked for Kearley & Tonge in Ordell Road. My grandmother, my aunt, and my two great aunts also lived in Ordell Road. I was born at No. 5. My mother and her siblings were born at No. 21. We were a strong Ordell Road family! and the Roman Road was our 'Tesco!!'


I was born and raised in Hackney in 1947 and have seen so many changes. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents all lived there. I now live in the USA but have so many memories I would like to share and also hear from others with their memories.

Visiting elderly maiden aunts

Wison Street, Winchmore Hill
Not a story just memories of visiting my mother's maiden aunts who lived, as the family had since about 1896, at 14 Wilson Street, Winchmore Hill. We often would go for walks around the area with the aunts.


Epping Upland Church
I have a photo of me and friend in the church choir,1951 1952 I;ve got the Church magazine with my christened in it,all my mother family are bury in church yard

The Caravan, Causeway, Langenhoe.

5 Ffynone close Ffynone, Swansea SA1 6DA.
My Grandmother left the family home in Swansea in the earily 1950s.We all lost contact with her,I have been trying to trace her,she would have died by now, her name was Teresa Myles (Walters].The address above was on her death certificate in May 1957. Would there be any knowledge of a caravan being there or the whereabouts of W.Walters the name on her death certificate,? husband.Any information would be greatly welcome.Your Sincerely Karon Diment.

Pretoria Avenue.

Walthamstow E17
I just submitted some chat about Northcote Road and funnily enough I then looked at Pretoria Ave and our second house was on there. The third set of chimneys on the left was our house. I lived there with my parents my grandad and my two brothers so we needed a house of bigger proportions so that is why we moved from Northcote. We lived there until the 1960s then I married in Northcote Road at St. Michaels and moved out and my family still stayed on .

Northcote Road

Walthamstow E17
I lived there at number 182 with my family from 1939 until 1947. Made lots of great friends - still have most of them. We went through the blitz together. We were there when the V2 dropped around near Chewton Road and blew everybodies windows in. The photo appears to be at the bottom of Northcote and taken outside the Catholic church. We lived in the most unusual Warners house - made three stories high with no bathrooms. They never appeared again in any other part of Warners Estates. We eventually moved around the corner into 62 Pretoria Avenue. Up market with a bathroom and downstairs outside toilet. There were built like Italianette Villas - very posh. These two streets with Maude Terrace seem to be the only classy houses built by Warners in the district. The only other types were the maisonettes which apprar all over the district including Leyton etc. The trees in the picture are much thinner than I remember - probably 2 foot diameter. I have a vivid memory of those times and all the properties and life as it was then. My mother was a butcher and worked in most of the shops in the High Street. We were a family (like many) who moved from Bethnel Green - my father applied for a job at Lebuses in Tottenham(a furniture factory) and a chance of a house came with the job. He had a choice of many but because my Grandad lived with us we had a four bedroom house in Northcote. I know my grandad and I had an attic room each on the top floor. Every other four houses had a slightly different twist on the embellishments such as bays and railings etc.

My Mum's

I grew up in my mum's house which is directly behind that building. My bedroom window looks out onto it. She still lives there and has done so since the late 1980's

Walthamstow steam tram photo

This is NOT a steam tram as Walthamstow only had electric. It is in fact the water car for cleaning the streets.

Old Jacobs Hall, Brightlingsea, Essex

Hampstead London
Some 60 years ago as a little boy my parents took me to a B&B in "Jacobs" for summer holidays. They also hired a beach hut. The old house had a breakfast room facing the street where I first experienced cornflakes. The owners cultivated silk worms in the central section which had a floor like a hammock which fascinated me, as did the daughter of the house and the warm dusty path beside the house running down to the sea that I have sought ever since. Idyllic place!

Coronation bonfire High Beach 1953

Penzance Conwall
I grew up in High Beach, moving there when I was about 6 or 7. My father was the Borough Surveyor and Engineer, George Clarke. My sister and I were present at the bonfire with my parents May Clarke and George. I can remember the enormity of the bonfire and the excitement of the day. we didn't have television and had watched the coronation on neighbours' television ( the Websters, who lived at Torward)Colonel Buxton was there in his uniform with white breeches and Cocaded hat. Mrs. Daphne( his second wife) Buxton told us afterwards that "Edwi" had to lie down on the bed to get in to his breeches, as he hadn't worn them for so long that they were too tight and he was afraid they might split! It was a very exciting day. The next day my father took us to Edmonton, where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were driving around in an open car.That was the first time I saw the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

My mother was born in High Street North East Ham 1933

My mother Winifred Joyce Bywater was born at 111 High Street North on July 25th 1933 around tea time! Daughter of Francis Eva Bywater (nee) Hinton and Edgar, born 4th December 1909. After her divorce in 1936 she moved to Leicester with Winifred, Edgar and John. Sadly Francis died 1992 aged 80 and all three children too (Joyce Winifred Darrall as she became known) died 10/12/2011 leaving 3 children Kevin, Stephen (Darrall) and Mandy (Brown).


The photograph is of one of my Grandfathers coal wagons

Memories of my Student Nurse days

I was a patient in the hospital where I stayed for 6 weeks. At the time I was living in Grays and working in the City of London as a shorthand/typist. After my surgery and recuperation, I decided to leave my job and start nursing training of which I completed 2 years before marrying and moving to Spain. I have many happy memories of my nursing years.

St Marys Church

Ilford Essex
My parents were married here in 1962, and I was Christened here in 1964! My Gt Grandmother Florence Bowman Looker is buried here too..


Walthamstow, East London
I was born in Walthamstow in 1959, went to Winns Ave School Infants and Junior and then went to Willaim Fit School in the Park, before moving on the Sir George Monoux in 1974

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